Saturday, June 4, 2016

Interview: Nathan Moelker

Hi everyone! I'm starting a new series in which I interview fellow unpublished or newly published writers and ask them about their writing. The goal is for y'all to make some new connections and get to know some other authors.

Today's spotlighted writer is Nathan Moelker! Here's a little bit about him:

My name is Nathan Moelker, and am a College student soon to begin my sophmore year of College. I am originally Canadian, I lived my teenage years in New Zealand, and now I go to university in the United States, as a dual major in English Literature and Computer Science.

1.     And the dreaded, standard first question! When did you start writing?
While my Genius has been apparent to all from birth, I began to focus that genius upon writing at about seven,  when I received permission from my teacher in my daily journal entries to veer off the path of reality, shall we say. I then began to create dozens and dozens of pretend creatures in my first taste of the joy of creation. This taste left me hooked on storytelling, and ever since I have pursued it.

2.     What was your first MS about?
My first true MS, although no one must ever see it, due its lack of skill of any kind, was an attempt when 10 at a crossover between two of my favorite stories, The Chronicles of Narnia and Edith Nesbitt's The Five Children and It (A Story about a strange WIsh Giving Fairy) In all honesty, it would be an insult to trash to call it that, but every writer must begin somewhere.

3.     What is your current MS about, and why do you love it?
I am currently working on an epic fantasy poem using Spenserian stanza. it is semi-allegorical, with some inspiration from Bunyan, Spenser, and Tolkien. I am really enjoying this project, as it is wonderful opportunity to improve in my poetry skills, as well as descriptional abilities. As an author, one of the biggest challenges I face is ensuring thorough description and this poetic epic form has really helped me with that skill. 

4.     Do you have a new shiny idea that’s distracting you from your current project? How do you keep your focus?
I recently had an idea for a new Science Fiction novel concerning a ship on a long term mission to a newly found planet, and how their earth heritage and ship culture would be shaped and affected by human nature over time. I maintain focus by not allowing myself to work on other projects, but forcing myself to focus by only allowing myself access to my project itself, not letting my mind wander.  

5.     What are some things you love that usually end up in your MSs?
Like most of us crazy guys, I do love action, and I am not sure I have ever written anything that didn't have at least a little bit. That said, I prefer stories that are deeper than merely action and events, but go deeper and reveal true human nature. such are the stories I love to read, and such are the stories that I attempt to tell. On another level, because both I myself and many of my friends are sarcastic and snarky, I often include such characters. I am a big fan of dragons, and they are in anything more fantastic I write.  

6.     Which fictional character would be your best friend?
Parenthetically, I find it interesting how many of the most interesting characters to read about are the characters who you would never wish to spend time with in real life. After careful thought, my answer to this question would have to be Samwise Gamgee, the true main character of The Lord of the Rings. He is faithful and generous, kind and faithful to Frodo, and much more wise than people realize. He is the type of person one would want as a friend.

7.     What authors would you say have most influenced your writing?
Hard to limit to just a few authors. Edmund Spenser, George Herbert, and Tennyson are my favorite poets, J R R Tolkien my favorite fantasy author, and Brandon Sanderson my favorite living author. In style I have drawn from these authors and others, including C. S. Lewis and Chesterton. Like most writers, the process of finding my own voice was not an easy one, but now I can truly say that although all these authors have taught me, I no longer imitate any.

8.     Where’s your favorite place to connect with other authors?
Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media are very helpful. However, I have found that in person interaction is the best way to connect with others, and I always seek out such opportunities.

9.     What else do you like to do besides writing?
Movies, A lot of reading (It has been said that the best way to learn writing is to read), Music, spending time with friends, and then, for a change, more reading.

10.  Favorite GIF? 
Inline image 1
This way no one knows when you are actually typing.

11. Anything else you’d like to add? A pitch? A reading suggestion? An advertisement?

Read Edmund Spenser's The Fairie Queen. Best epic poem in the history of mankind. Check out my blog at

Thanks, Nathan!! Happy writing!! 

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