Monday, August 10, 2015

25 Things Only Writers Will Understand

Ah, the marvelous, wonderful world of writing. It's so much fun! *shoves shredded manuscripts under the bed* *hides coffee mugs from last week* *burns last hour's work* *blows up the world*

You might be a writer if you can relate to these:

1. The curse of the blinking cursor

2. The almighty writer's block-smashing power of Hans Zimmer's soundtrack 

3.  We should just ban chapter breaks, know what I mean?

4. You half-stalk people for character inspiration

5. When people call you crazy:

6. This "If people talked to plumbers like they talk to writers" analogy speaks to your soul:

7.  Your reaction when people say, "Don't worry about rejection. J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times!"

8. Your reaction when people say, "Someday you're going to be as rich as J.K Rowling!"

9. Your reaction when people say, "Can I be in the movie?"

10. When writing THAT scene:

11. You justify watching TV as research

12. When an agent stars your pitch on Twitter:

13. When aforementioned agent then rejects your story:

14. Comic Sans must die

15. You're afraid your Google search will land you in jail

16. But then again:

17. The bossiest people you know are your characters. You wish they'd just shut up, except they're in your head.

18. When someone tells you YA isn't true literature 


20. And then ten seconds later you realize you have to revise it still

21. When someone asks why you even bother

22. But then your CP sends you all the positive smiley face comments

23. Or when you nail that world building and you just bask in the glow of your marvelous imagination

24. Or you LOL at your own comic relief

25. But there is no GREATER FEELING that no one else will EVER understand than the overwhelming satisfaction of KILLING YOUR ANTAGONIST.

And there's a whole bunch of us out there.


  1. This is so funny! I can relate to at least 75% of these!(especially stalking people for character inspiration)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks for reading :D

    2. I now relate to 90% of these.

  2. Oh man, I think I am guilty of almost every single one of these. I listen to a ridiculous amount of Hans Zimmer. And I totally agree that Comic Sans has to go. :P
    Awesome post, Rachel!

    1. Thanks Bailey!! :D Yay for Hans Zimmer!!

  3. Lol! Rachel, these are all spot on. Especially the Hans Zimmer and chapter breaks one. People ask me how many chapters my WIP is and I just kind of shrug. "Oh, either 21 or 23. Somewhere around there." =D Great post!

    1. Ah, same here!! And thanks for reading/sharing!! :D

  4. YES! YES!! THIS POST IS 100% TRUE!!

    Could I make a review of this post on my blog? I always link back.

    1. LOL thanks!! :D And be my guest!! :D

    2. No problem!
      And, I made the review!
      (I don't know if the link will work or not)

  5. So accurate. Except the 1995 Sabrina soundtrack has been on repeat!!!!!

    1. I still need to see that!! Thanks for reading, Holly!! :D

  6. Great list, Rachel, very funny and you know I like funny!


  7. I ain't think that I've read such a magnificent post ever before. It's creativity & very intriguingly pen'd up... with your deepen insights. Nice post. I'd be looking forward to reading your work.

  8. Loved this!!! I especially relate to the Jack Sparrow one at the moment. And the killing of the antagonist. :)

  9. Yup, yup, yup, yup :D My soundtracks for writing are Owl City cds, but other than that... :o)

  10. This is seriously the BEST (not to mention funniest) blog post on writing that I've ever come across. My favorites are 21 and 25 :)

  11. So true. Literally my google searches are all like:
    •types of guns
    •how to kill with the gun
    •how many blood after headshot
    A week ago I left my computer on and I suspect my brother had seen in the history all of the above, because he talks very cautiously to me since.
    Of course I listen to Hans Zimmer, but I can also recommend Don Davis's Matrix soundtrack for sci-fi writers and piano covers of songs by Piano Tribute Players.
    The only one that I disagree with is the 25th. I love my antagonist. I cried when I killed her. Though I didn't cry when I tortured her.

  12. Surely love killing off antagonists, but I am also quite fond of some...