Friday, August 21, 2015

So I'm Going to College...

The title is pretty self-explanatory :D But yes, a week from today will be my last day of freshman orientation at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, not far from Pittsburgh. I sit here at Arthur, my laptop, with my WIP open next to my browser, trying to write as much as possible before the school onslaught.

So for the sake of order, I'll attempt to answer some of the questions I get pretty frequently as of recent.

1. WAIT. You're STARTING college????

Yes, I am that young :D

2. So do you know what your major is yet?

Yes, I do! I will be majoring in Secondary History Education. So I'll be a history high school teacher. I will not be playing sports despite Geneva's big (for a small private college big) sports program, but hope to try out for choir.

3. What made you choose Geneva?

I applied to a couple of schools, and it came down to either Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina, or Geneva. I went with Geneva because offered me a very nice scholarship, my parents met and graduated there, and I've been to the campus a couple times. Geneva offered the exact major I wanted and has an excellent reputation in its education department. I also grew up in Pennsylvania, albeit on the other side of the state.

4. Will you still be blogging/reviewing/vlogging/writing/hosting #YayYA/on the face of the earth?

Yes, I will. My internet appearances will be understandably more sporadic, and the next #YayYA may be on hold for a while, but I will be blogging and vlogging and keeping in touch with my writerly tweeps on Twitter and my IRL friends on Facebook/Instagram. I've kind of gotten behind in my Newbery reviews, but hopefully I'll have more of those out soon, too.

5. How can I help?

Where you can help is to tell me what topics you'd like me to touch on, whether it's worldbuilding, market, pitching, cake recipes, War and Peace fangirling... okay, just kidding with that last one (mostly kidding anyway), but really, feel free to throw ideas at me! It'll prompt me to write posts and then there will be posts about what you want to read!

Also, subscribe to my blog and to my Youtube channel, and if you don't already, follow me on Twitter @whatshewrote (forewarning if you're a non-writer: I pretty much use Twitter for writing only).

I'll be making the move this coming Monday, so prayers and thoughts are appreciated as my family will be trekking from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania to drop me off. Thank you in advance! :D

If you have any further questions about anything about life, the universe, and everything, I'm hoping to film a Q+A video soon! Feel free to ask in the blog comments and on Twitter.



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