Thursday, November 19, 2015

So When's the Next #YayYA?

So on the side of my blog there's this contact form that is rarely used, but last week or possibly two weeks ago (sorry, time blends in college), I received an email from it.

"Dear Rachel,

When will the next #YayYA be? And do I need a Twitter to enter?

Lilly Anderson."

Dear Lilly (and everyone else who has probably been wondering this question),

Firstly, thanks for being such a loyal, interactive reader! Bloggers love that. Like, a lot.

Secondly, college does weird things to my schedule, but it's my hope to host another #YayYA sometime in December/January. I don't have an exact date yet, unfortunately, but it will be announced soon! Promise.

And thirdly, nope, you don't need a Twitter to enter. There's some chatting, questions, and entrant interaction that happens on Twitter during the rounds, but a couple of entrants in the past have been Twitterless and got as much feedback as any of the other entrants.

Also, bonus info, I've thought about maybe turning #YayYA into an agented contest, but that'll probably have to wait for next summer. Still have to figure out the hoops I'll need to jump through and how much more time that will take. So note the word "maybe."

For those of you wondering what #YayYA is, here's a link to the last round's rules:

Yours appreciatively,



  1. Yay! :D Am totally on board for the next one! Personally I would be really grateful for the chance to get a bit of feedback on an unfinished ms, so I would love to see YayYA stay open to those as it evolves. Not sure how that jives with getting agents involved, but that's my two cents! :)

    Hope the school year is treating you well!

    1. Thank you!! Excited to hear you're excited, too :D

  2. Yay!!! YayYA!!! I am so happy right now!!! I can't wait to join in this round!!!

    1. Thanks for asking!! :D Can't wait either!!