Friday, October 30, 2015

Another Reason You Need to Join the Writer Twitterverse

Twitter has a mind of its own. It often gets political and gossipy and noisy and argumentative. But the best circle on Twitter, in my humble opinion, is the Writersphere. And this humble opinion was only solidified further after this past Monday.

People in the pitch contests will tell you, "Remember, this isn't about winning and getting an agent. This is about making new friends and becoming a better writer!" We all really know that we're in there for the winning and the agents, but you know what? The new friends part is really true!

Back during the last #PitchWars, I happened to be tossing some fun questions out into the hashtag feed for people to answer instead of chewing their nails while waiting for requests to trickle into their inboxes. The newest one happened to be, "If your book was a movie, who would direct it?"

And then this exchange happened:

So we followed each other, and interacted more throughout #PitchWars, when I got a direct message from my then-soon-to-be college roomie. "Hey, that's my high school English teacher!" 

As someone who is thrilled by the world's smallness, I got pretty excited. Well, I'm even more excited to say that, thanks to my room mate, I got to meet Mrs. Cupps this last Monday! 

She's absolutely lovely and though our visit was brief, it was so fun to talk in person about our work, when we're normally restricted to 140 characters! So if anything, I hope this encourages to join us and many other fantastic writers in the Twitterverse. You may not win contests, but you will definitely make new friends, I promise. 


  1. Aw that's so cool. The world really is a small place. That's so awesome that the two of you already had a mutual friend!