Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Entertainment World... Please Stop Telling the Same Story

In this past year, about 75% of Coming Soon headlines, or the ones I saw anyway, went something along these line:

Famous Director Confirms Sequel to/Reboot/Relaunch/Retelling/Re-release/ of Sort-of-Popular 80's/90's/00's movie/TV show.

Dear Entertainment World,

Let's write something new.

Yes, we get it. We've got my favorite old movies. We all have favorite books we wish were continued.

But how about instead of writing commercial fan fiction, we go back to creating storylines worth rebooting in thirty more years.

Let's stop stretching beloved characters and plots, like old rock stars and sports players, into deflated, flopping career ends.

Let's stop "creating" money-making fan fiction, and, instead, start new fandoms. Why recycle when you can start fresh?

You have a blank piece of paper. Fill it with something new.

Your audiences will thank you.


Your Fans

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