Monday, April 27, 2015

500 Followers YA Critique Party!

Yay! 500 followers on Twitter and 5,000 blog hits!

As promised, I'll be hosting a YA critique party! This is a great opportunity to polish up before #QueryKombat and #PitchWars.

What is a critique party?

A critique party is where writers submit a sample of their work and then critique each others' entries.

In this critique party, entrants will email me their submissions during the entry window. The first twenty subs will make it in. Once the submission window is closed, or the slots fill up, I will respond to you to confirm that you made it in! Afterward, I will post entries on my blog, and you will get the opportunity to critique your fellow entrants and get feedback on your own work.

Here's what you need to enter:

1. 500 words from your YA manuscript. Your MS can be finished. It can be unfinished.

2. Follow me on Twitter (@whatshewrote). This is where all conversation about the party will take place, with the hashtag #YayYA. You can still enter if you don't have Twitter, but I won't be able to contact you on updates.

3. Follow my blog. If the follow button doesn't work, then don't worry too much about this rule. You will still make it in if the follow button decides to reject you. It doesn't like me either and I'm working on fixing it :D (UPDATE: I've been told by different people that my follow button isn't working. If it doesn't work for you, then go ahead and skip this. I'm trying to work it out and it isn't, but hopefully it will be resolved soon :) )
Here's how to enter:

1. On THURSDAY, April 30th, the submission window will be open from 9AM to 6PM EST (or until the slots fill up)!

2. In the subject line, put YayYA: Genre/TITLE

3. In the body of the email, list your name (you can use a pen name for this), Twitter handle (if applicable),  genre, and title. Below, paste your 35-word pitch to give your fellow critters background, and your first 500 words (keep it at 500 words. If your last sentence makes it 505 or 529, cut that sentence and keep it under 500.) If you do not follow the guidelines, I'm afraid I'll have to delete your entry. You're welcome to re-sub as soon as you notify me, but if you miss the slot or the window, I won't be able to give it back, sorry.


Subject line: YayYA: Historical Fantasy/THE RED AND THE SCARLET

Body of email:

Name: Rachel Stevenson

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Title: The Red and the Scarlet

35-Word pitch: Les Miserables/Mulan: Eighteen-year-old bounty hunter Fyr's chasing down the politician who helped massacre her race. When she discovers a magical army's plot to invade their nation, she must choose: warn her people or get her vengeance.

First 500: Fyr stood under spinning snow, book and dozing brother in hand.... etc.


I have a large blog audience of great young readers in the MG age group. Because of this, I ask most respectfully that if there is any language in your first 500 words, please can it. Keep your entry PG, or I will have to either can your language for you or delete your entry without explanation. 

Once the entries are in, I'll post the critique guidelines.

If this party is successful, I may host an MG equivalent in the future :D

Can't wait to see your entries! :D See you soon!

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